The Mac Becomes The Perfect Console Experience

I am playing Ratchet and Clank right now on my MacBook Air.  How is this possible?  Through the magic of the PS4 plus Remote Play.

I have a small TV which I have to sit in a chair in front of in order to game.  Now I can game from the comfort of my couch and finally AAA Gaming has come to the MacBook Air.

I've always been limited to older titles on my Air.  Now I can stream my favorite console titles and even play with my Dual Shock 4.

Some people have reported issues with streaming but I have not had these issues.  The only thing I can say is this is best on the same network with a wired PS4 and a Mac connected via wifi.

I tried taking my Mac to the bar to play but it did not work from there due to the bar's slow internet speeds.

This will also work on PC but often you can game on PC's already.  The Air is not a gaming machine but I can now game on it regardless.  This is great tech and great fun.

Uncharted 4 arrives today!  Let the gaming commence!